Poker – Valentine Match Makers Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us again – that day when couples get all dewy-eyed and romantic with each other, but is that truly the case?

Several big poker stars have quite different plans, including Daniel Negreanu who, being single at the moment, plans to concentrate on several of his fundraising activities that week. Meanwhile, Jay Tan and Kenny Wong plan to spend the day involved in charity work in Hong Kong, dishing out goodie bags to people in the street.

You may not be a huge international poker star, but there’s never been a better time to get into playing poker than now. Once the preferred casino game of the wealthy and professional gamblers, poker has rapidly become mainstream entertainment and its popularity is undoubtedly based on the live coverage given to high-stakes poker championship games.

Better still, now there’s no need to visit a casino to learn to play poker, and even less reason to lose any money while learning the basics of this fascinating game of skill.

Online poker – the best
Many people have taken up playing poker online – for many valid reasons. Among them include the fact that it’s just so convenient; no need to leave your home, nor even get dressed. You don’t have to wait until regular casino opening hours as you can literally play poker online 24/7.

There is an incredible array of poker sites catering for all levels of players and various versions of the game such as Texas Hold’em, Multi-Table Poker, and Speed Poker. From the absolute poker novice to the most advanced poker player, you can learn the fundamental mechanics of poker to advanced poker skills used by big name poker stars. Learn how to bet, how to optimize your chances for winning, and how to play the best poker possible.

Poker is for everyone
The game of poker is not just for gamblers – it’s a game of skill – even people simply interested in the skill of the game play, simply for the thrill of the competition, somewhat like chess. Poker is a thinking game and therefore appeals to a wide variety of individuals. And online poker sites have made it easier than ever for anyone to enjoy poker for fun or play competitively – the choice is up to you.

Online poker sites
Playing poker is a continuous learning process – or it should be – so you should always be looking to learn more and further develop your poker playing skills. Online poker sites cater for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced level poker players. Video tutorials on how to play poker have become the norm in recent years and many of these lessons are backed by big name pro poker players. Many online poker courses allow you to freeze the action and receive tips and advice about the hand you’re holding and the best strategy to use.

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