A Few of the Most Original Slot Games Available Today


The world of online slot games is a progressive one, yet the amazing part about such developments is that this realm of online gambling never loses its old-school elements. This is why such a sector has such a massive pull – it has something for everyone.

Still, one can find all manner of leading developments in the online slot game when they visit MPLcasino, where they can find online casinos that feature some of the most innovative and exhilarating games available online.


Fresh Fruits

This juicy and refreshing online slot game has revamped our understanding of traditional designs. While this game only has a maximum of five reels, you can make the most out of the forty paylines available.

This game not only provides a lot of practical entertainment, its visuals are stunningly vibrant and invigorating, with all manner of fruity and floral surfaces adorning the magical graphical displays, such as the spinning reels and the various interfaces.

Getting Started

Fresh Fruits, like any other online slot game, requires the activation of a coin value through the funding of your credit. Such a coin value will range from 0.01, to 5, meaning that you can play this game for the absolute lowest wager imaginable.

One will then allocate their coin value through a payline of choice, through the addition of coins. A maximum of one hundred coins can be activated during a play.

Now, it is time for you to begin matching those juicy fruits along a payline! Each fruit in this game is made up of a different value. The Lemons, Apples, Grapes, and Strawberries are the less valuable symbols – but will still win you a decent amount of winnings.

The more valuable fruit symbols are made up by the Watermelons and Coconuts, while the most lucrative symbols of all are the Golden Bell and Purple 7 icons. If you manage to match any of these symbols along a payline, you can expect to net a massive winning.

The Scatter and Wild Symbols in Fresh Fruits

Like any good progressive online slot game, Fresh Fruits has its own collection of Scatter and Wild symbols needed to get into the bonus rounds, as well as to stand a chance of making the golden jackpot yours.

In Fresh Fruits, the Golden Star symbol is the scatter. Upon matching between three and five of these Golden Stars along a payline, you can expect to enter a generally very favourable draw system for the jackpot.

The wild symbol in Fresh Fruits is simply represented by the word Wild. When more than three of these symbols appear on your paylines, then you will automatically have all of the symbols on screen replaced with the Wild one, multiplying all of your winnings for a very handsome sum.

Winning Advice

One of the most popular strategies that the best Fresh Fruit players often employ involves the activation of every single payline available. While it may seem like a very expensive risk, wagering on forty paylines, remember that you can make a minimal wager on each payline.

This will allow you to maximize your chances of taking the jackpot, and if not something as lucky as the ultimate win, then you will certainly be able to net plenty of wild and scatter symbols.

Quick Hit

This is a refreshing online slot game from the masterminds at Scientific Gaming, who the more seasoned online gamblers might recognize as one of the key progenitors of online gambling, back in the 1990s.

Through their Bally Technologies gaming frameworks, they have created a multitude of fantastic online slot games, Quick Hit happening to be one of their most successful and popular titles. While you will be able to find a whole host of variations of this game, nothing beats the original.

In its original form, this game comes designed with five reels, hosting a maximum of thirty paylines. Wagers will begin as low as 1 cent, meaning that this is another game in which players can activate all of the paylines with little damage to their bankrolls.

This game is one of the most value for money-oriented titles available, truly allowing players to make the most out of their money, while having an absolute blast.

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